4 Things to Stop and Start Doing in Your Engineering Job Search

4 Things to Stop and Start Doing in Your Engineering Job Search

If you are urgently looking for a new job opportunity for any reason – graduating school, unemployed, or feeling completely unfulfilled in your current role – the last thing you want to do is waste a bunch of time doing the wrong things.

Here are some things to STOP doing right away:

  • Simply applying for jobs and waiting to hear back
  • Wasting hours of your time scanning online job boards
  • Spending time adjusting your resume again in an effort to improve results from the items above
  • Sending generic messages to recruiters telling them you want a job!

These actions will result in few wins, and will mostly end up with a lot of time gone and minimal progress made.

If you can instead focus on actions that will move the needle, you’ll be surprised by the change in results you get.

Here are some more effective ideas for you to START doing:

  • Identify companies you want to work for and people that work there now
  • Reach out to these people to learn more about them – not just asking them how to get hired
  • Ask for informational interviews to build relationships with them
  • Focus your communication on them – learn about industry trends, their career experiences, and more.

Taking this more personal approach will change the game for you, I promise.

See more in the video below!

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