Jeff works with engineers, leaders, and organizations in three primary ways.

Engineering Career Accelerator Coaching Program

Engineering Career Accelerator Coaching Program

In this program I help engineers and leaders to build an intentional life and career. Whether it’s a career transition, upgrade, or leadership shift, this program will focus on helping you be your best so you can create a purpose-driven life.

It is really about unlocking your potential!

What we work on is customized to you, but can include: mindset improvement, career clarity, communication training, networking/relationship building, interview preparation, compensation negotiation, and more!

Put simply—if you have a career canyon you need to cross, I can build the bridge with you. But we’ll do this in a way that builds YOU, not just executes on external actions.

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Connected Leadership Workshops

Connected Leadership Workshops

Employee engagement in the USA is at ~30% right now, with ~50% of employees looking to leave according to Gallup. Not great!

Organizations have an opportunity to be much better than those averages, IF they do something about it.

It comes down to leadership!

Great employees want more than a job, they want a career where they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

If leaders change sustainably and get set on a course of continuous improvement with their teams, everything will change!

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Virtual and In-Person Keynote Presentations

Virtual and In-Person Keynote Presentations

Looking for a speaker that can create a unique, meaningful, and engaging presentation for technical audiences?

Look no further!

Speaking topics include: Leadership, Connected Teams, Engagement, Intentional Career Development, Mindset, Personal Branding, and more!

Reach out to create an amazing experience to help develop your community, your organization, or event experience!

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Upgrade Your Leadership

The “Accelerate Your Leadership 90 Day Guide” will help you get up to speed as a leader, get immediate clarity on your career progression, and accelerate your team’s success.

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