Explore the Motivations of Your Big Career Goals with This Simple Tool

Explore the Motivations of Your Big Career Goals with This Simple Tool

Find your WHY and you’ll find your WAY ~ John C. Maxwell

Have you experienced a time when your child, your younger brother or sister, or even that kid living next door when they started asking you WHY? Why this, why that, why did we even do that? 

The conversation goes on and on until the kid is satisfied with all your answers (or you just decide to stop answering them). It can be annoying when you are stuck with this question and you can’t move forward because you feel like there will never be an end to the questions. But in the kid’s perspective, he just wants to know all the information he can get from you out of curiosity.

Yet perhaps there is a useful lesson we can learn from this example. When you think of your Career Goals, one of the best tools you can use to get clarity and establish your motivation is by asking WHY. With that being said, it is not enough to just question your motivation once. You need to dig deeper by asking WHY at least five times on the goals you have and the reasons you have them.

This 5 Whys tool is actually well known and used consistently for root cause analysis. Just as it can help us find the root cause of a problem, it can help us find the root motivation for our goals and desires. 

As you dig deeper and immerse yourself from time to time with your motivation, you will begin to deepen your understanding and start uncovering what you really value. You begin understanding yourself and what is really motivating to you. Keep digging deeper!

I invite you when you have a big goal that you are trying to achieve, make sure you take some time and understand what is the motivation behind that, what is the true why behind as you apply the 5 Whys tool. You may find that you increase your motivation, or that you need to adjust your goal!

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