Want to Accelerate Your Engineering Career? Develop Soft Skills

Want to Accelerate Your Engineering Career? Develop Soft Skills

If you are an engineer, software developer, or other sort of tech professional, you need to develop soft skills.

Some tech-focused professionals almost look at this sort of personal development with disdain, and may think or say things like this:

“I’m already smarter than everyone else.”

“If they’d just listen to me, things would move along more smoothly.”

“I don’t ever want to manage anyone anyway, so I’ll just focus on technical skills.”

Even if your plan is to stay technical and never formally manage anyone, you have a duty to develop coaching and teaching skills so you can share your expert technical knowledge with more junior or less-experienced people in the organization. By doing so, you can multiply the effect of your expertise across the organization.

Additionally, if you have all of those great ideas, soft skills are what get them adopted and implemented!

The lesson here: Soft skills multiply your impact and influence. Don’t neglect them.

I share more in the video below.

If you want to develop your soft skills, a coach can help! Contact me to learn more about how I can help you!

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