To Get Hired, Change How You Think About an Employer

To Get Hired, Change How You Think About an Employer

“In a world full of problems, be the solution.” ~Iris Watts

Engineers are problem solvers, right? Well, when you’re on the job hunt, think of it in terms of being the solution to a company’s problem.

If you only focus on YOU and how qualified you are, you won’t be able to recognize what the company/organization is trying to accomplish and why they want to hire someone in the first place.

Consider the problem they are trying to solve, and focus your communication on how you can help them solve that problem.

There are many ways to do this. I’ll share a few here:

  • Do some research on the industry – is this company poised to take the next step and stay competitive?
  • Connect and network with people in the company for informational interviews – ask questions to learn more about what problems the company is working on.
  • Look at the positions they are trying to fill – see if you can fill in the gaps and figure out why they need those positions. Are they growing? Seeking new skills?

When you stop focusing on yourself, and start trying to solve problems for others, good things happen. 

What problems have you solved in your career?

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