Identifying and Living Core Values in Your Life

Identifying and Living Core Values in Your Life

“Your personal core values define who you are.” – Tony Hsieh

A value is defined as a person’s life principle or standard set in what to live by. You differ in values from others and of course it varies on how you are being molded by your life experiences and your perspective on what is important.

But in the end, your values drive your life! And if you don’t define your values intentionally, they will emerge and might not be the values you actually want to hold on to.

So, define and live by values you care about!

In the spirit of transparency, I’ll share with you the five things that I identify as my core values (I have put them as an acronym so I can easily remember) :

  • G – rowth
  • I – mpact
  • F – aith
  • T – ruth
  • S – ignificance

When I consider possibilities, activities, or tasks that I want to pursue, I try and make sure they are aligned with my values. This helps me stay true to becoming the person I want to become.

Am I perfect at this? Not even close. But I continue to strive.

Your values will be personal to you, but they are things you should work hard to uphold. Have integrity about this – live by them even when nobody is watching you.

I urge you, if you haven’t done so already – identify a few core values. Three to five is a good number. Make them significant to you. Find a way to remind yourself of them frequently.

Then begin to apply them and live by them. You won’t regret it!

If you feel stuck or unable to move through this process, I’d be happy to help. Reach out and we can discuss it!

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