Successfully Transitioning from Engineer to Engineering Leader

Successfully Transitioning from Engineer to Engineering Leader

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.” – Robin S. Sharma

In the course of your career as an engineer, you may have desires to transition from being an individual contributor on a team to leading a team. This can be a challenge as you will face adjustments in interacting with your colleagues, navigating how to become a better manager, and taking on new challenges you haven’t faced previously.

Sadly, some engineers think that becoming a manager or leader is a way to “sell-out” or engineering – this is not the case. As a leader, you have the opportunity to influence your team members to be the best version of themselves and help them discover their limitless potential.

When this is realized, the team will reach greater heights in planning and executing on innovative projects that create amazing technologies and services. While you lead the way for your team, don’t forget to keep looking for your own opportunities to improve as you learn from your team and other sources.

Remember – being a leader is not just merely a position or a title, but rather a mindset of influence and service for others. It is to act in a way that others are empowered to bring forward their greatest contributions.

Your success as a leader is measured by the success of your team, not just what you can do on your own. Everyone wins together!

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