What I Wish I Knew About Earlier in My Engineering Career

What I Wish I Knew About Earlier in My Engineering Career

“Genius is seldom recognized for what it is: a great capacity for hard work.” – Henry Ford

All of us have our genius zones. The idea of a genius zone is that you have a special combination of skills or attributes that, when utilized, allows you to do your absolute best work. In your genius zone, you deliver your highest level of contribution.

This zone is significantly different from your zone of excellence. Yes, you can have a lot of skills and areas where you are competent or even great. These areas might be your zones of excellence. But this genius zone is next level, and allows you to utilize your very best abilities!

For me, I noticed that when I had opportunities to teach/train others, I loved it and got into a state of flow. Combine that with my wide engineering experiences, and doing coaching and training with engineers is a true genius zone for me!

Being in the genius zone challenges and motivates you to truly focus. You will have to let go of some work and tasks that you aren’t best suited for (perhaps others are).

What can help in unlocking and utilizing your very own genius zone is that you also learn how to be teachable and open to feedback and inputs from other people, particularly those who are incredibly knowledgeable in what they do. Through these interactions and experiences, you might find that you have unique talents and abilities you didn’t know before.

Everything that you have done and might do in the future can lead you to identifying your genius zone staying in it as much as possible. If you need help in uncovering your genius zone, then I will be more than happy and willing to help you!

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