Is Fear Always a Negative Emotion?

Is Fear Always a Negative Emotion?

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.” – W. Clement Stone

Part of your nature as a human is to feel fear. Initially, you may think of fear as something that is always negative in your life. While fear can drive us towards negative actions sometimes, it can also lead us to take important and meaningful action.

One example of this with young children. If you are a parent or guardian like I am, you may have an appropriate fear that children could get hurt by doing some things that would endanger them (like touching a stove or falling off of a tall structure). That fear can drive you to protect them and put them in a safe place in order for them not to get hurt. This is a healthy fear that drives you to take positive action!

The fear that is actually unhelpful is when the fear is so strong that it disables and debilitates you. It brings you to the point of worrying so much that you are no longer able to take action. Instead, the fear paralyzes you. This could turn into a state of deep and perpetual anxiety if you let it linger and grow.

For you to be able to face your fears with courage, you can seek help from your support system and even from professionals. It is perfectly okay to feel vulnerable and to feel fear. Once you acknowledge it and get help to move through it, those feelings can turn into strengths and will help you be aware of the things that you need to improve on to become the best version of yourself.

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