Finding Career Clarity is Hard to do Alone

Finding Career Clarity is Hard to do Alone

“Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty.” ~General George Casey

I was talking with a client recently who was new in his career and already felt stuck. He wanted more out of his job, but couldn’t see a path forward. He was limiting his thinking to only the immediate pain of the situation at hand. 

This saddens me, because he didn’t stop to look at the big picture. And this is easy to do.

When we are dealing with problems in our personal lives, careers, or otherwise, it’s so easy to get caught up in the pain and uncertainty of the moment. When we face these problems alone, it can be especially powerful. 

Finding mentors or coaches who can help us lift our spirits, broaden our perspective, and find new opportunities is crucial to wading through the complexities of life and finding clarity. 

Sometimes it’s realizing there is something new we have to do. Often it is realizing we need to let go of something that is not important to our progress. 

In any case, mentors, both inside and outside of our organizations, are critical partners and guides on the path of life. If you don’t have them, seek them out. 

Don’t limit yourself – find people to help you reach higher.

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Do you have mentors? How do they help you?

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