The Sure Path to a More Fulfilling Engineering Career

The Sure Path to a More Fulfilling Engineering Career

“True fulfillment comes from helping others.” ~Anonymous

Fulfillment. It almost seems like a buzzword in our modern world when we talk about jobs, careers, and life goals.

It makes sense – if you consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, most people in 1st world countries have the basic physiological and safety needs taken care of. At that point, they start looking for more in the higher areas of the hierarchy. Fulfillment may not have a specific spot in the pyramid, but it certainly sits in those top three spots.

The surest way to experience more fulfillment in your engineering career is to help other people.

Think about the people who have helped you over the course of your life and career. Don’t you feel a greater sense of love and connection with them? Don’t you have more respect for them and elevate them to a higher status? Don’t you feel like they are on their way to living their best life?

That’s the amazing power of helping other people. By getting outside of ourselves and focusing on service to others in our lives and careers, our lives and careers are enhanced!

Serving and helping others can completely shift our outlook about the environments, circumstances, and challenges we face. Rather than being resentful of others, service can change our relationships and help us see the truth about others.

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