The (Not So) Hidden Secret of Great Engineering Leaders

The (Not So) Hidden Secret of Great Engineering Leaders

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” –John Maxwell

Great engineering leaders have empathy and compassion – they greatly care for the people they serve and work with. To put it another way, a great leader believes they have a stewardship over individuals with the responsibility and accountability to develop and grow the people they lead.

A great leader will build people up and be concerned about others’ success, welfare, and growth. It takes more than just analysis that is focused on numbers and technicalities. They create opportunities for learning for the people under their stewardship and they happily serve as mentors to those wanting to explore more in the industry.

Finally, the best leaders are examples in word and in deed of the best way forward. They are someone that others can look up to with admiration and take after their example.

If you feel like you are not in this state of leadership yet, it’s not too late. Start by considering how much you truly care about those around you, and identify ways you can help them. Leadership is about others, not the leader..

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