Great Leaders Accept Responsibility

Great Leaders Accept Responsibility

“A culture of accountability makes a good organization great and a great organization unstoppable.” – Henry Evans

How a team performs is a direct reflection of their leader. As a leader, it is extremely important to give credit where credit is due when things all go well – credit to the team! When the opposite happens, that is where great leaders take responsibility.

I’m a fan of sports, and like to study the habits and attitudes of great teams and coaches. Great coaches of successful teams always celebrate and give credit to the players for the effort they put into the game. Yet, when the outcome turns out to be a loss, great coaches do not blame their team for it, even if the players made mistakes or underperformed. He/she takes responsibility for lack of preparation and execution, and for the burden of improvement for the future.

The same principle should apply for great leaders in technical companies. Leaders should give credit to boost the morale and confidence of their team members which then improves the team’s motivation to deliver exceptional results. If they feel like their leader has their backs, then they will not be afraid to explore and to bring fresh and new ideas into the table. When mistakes are made, great leaders should take responsibility, support those who need it, and help everyone learn from the experience.

Leaders who lead by example, who empower everyone, and who not just order people around — this is what makes a team and an organization effective. This results in collective and collaborative effort, and that will launch a team and organization into even greater success.

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