Make a Decision To Build a Growth Mindset

Make a Decision To Build a Growth Mindset

“In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening. So rather than thinking, oh, I’m going to reveal my weaknesses, you say, wow, here’s a chance to grow.” ~Carol D. Dweck

If you’re not satisfied with your current situation, set of skills/abilities, or trajectory in life – you’re not alone!

Yet many of us, when we are in that state of mind, also tend to feel like we will likely be stuck like this forever, that nothing will change. “This is just who I am” you might say.

But it’s not true. Not at all.

If there is something that didn’t go well, don’t dwell on the failure – learn from the experience. If there is a challenge ahead that you don’t feel confident about, approach it as an opportunity to learn new skills and get better at something.

When I was growing up, it became clear I had a natural affinity for math, science, and related subjects. I was good at it, so I did a lot of it and got into advanced classes to keep growing. It felt good to know that I was “right” a lot of the time, and if I ever got a wrong answer, it was clear how to do it better next time.

Yet I actively avoided anything that was in the “creative” realm. Art, writing, and other creative expressions. The subjectivity of it all was hard for me to grasp and accept. I deemed myself as analytical, not creative.” So I never grew in those areas because I didn’t even TRY! I now regret it.

Perhaps you’ve had areas in your life that you have labeled yourself as being less talented or incapable. Stop that.

Step forward and try. Look to grow. See the opportunity. When you make a mistake, find something to learn from it. Become a different person, step by step.

This is the essence of the growth mindset.

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