The Secret to Crushing Imposter Syndrome is Right In Front of You

The Secret to Crushing Imposter Syndrome is Right In Front of You

Many professionals want to be promoted and have the opportunity to lead others. It’s an opportunity to grow skills, increase impact, and let’s face it – make more money.

But for many, the prospect of having responsibility for others is also one that is full of fear. They will need to own up to the mistakes of people on their teams. They know others will be looking to them for guidance and direction.

A little discomfort can be a good thing. It means you care. Getting out of our comfort zone is how we grow anyway.

We often refer to this type of fear as impostor syndrome. This is a real thing – we can get into situations of responsibility and influence and think we don’t belong there. We feel we don’t know all the answers or haven’t proved ourselves. Some of that may be true, but it doesn’t matter.

You wouldn’t be there if you didn’t belong. You won’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. You can learn.

The key to getting over your own fears and the feeling of impostor syndrome is by focusing on serving your team. Foster the feeling of a “stewardship” to help others grow rather than just growing your own career.

As a leader, you succeed when your team succeeds.

So lead them rather than protecting yourself.

You’ll grow more yourself, and you’ll accelerate the growth of others, and that is a good feeling.

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