Why You Should ALWAYS Ask Questions During Your Job Interview

Why You Should ALWAYS Ask Questions During Your Job Interview

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco

During a job interview, have you ever wondered why the interviewer is always asking you if you have a question at the end? This is an opportunity and it could be one of the best times to showcase more of your skills and interest during the interview.

Right questions lead to the right answers. Likewise, the wrong type of question or a question at the wrong time can interfere with the progress of your job interview.

Asking good questions does a number of things, including:

1) Shows your sincere interest in the company/position

2) Can indicate that you’ve done appropriate research

3) Gets them visualizing you being successful in the role

4) Helps you understand the reality of the situation

5) Helps the interviewers know you REALLY know what is expected in the job

Questions should be well thought out, relevant to the job opportunity, and show interest in the company. It’s okay for them to be personal to the individuals who are interviewing you! Use it as an opportunity to get to know them better and their drive to work in the company!

Make sure to always ask questions — it could benefit and enlighten you about the nature of the job you applied for. Questions that are vague or too obvious can intimidate or irritate the interviewer. Take control of such scenarios.

Have questions in mind to ask, and be enlightened. This simple act could help you get the job you have always wanted. 

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