Focus On Building a Meaningful Career, Not Just Landing A Job

Focus On Building a Meaningful Career, Not Just Landing A Job

“The belief that you can have a meaningful career is the first step to finding one.” – Sean Aiken

Finding job opportunities can sometimes feel like a chore, and many times it is. But to get true success, you need to think far beyond the process of just landing a job. You have the opportunity to focus on building a meaningful career that will be a part of you living a life of meaning and purpose. Many job-seekers are tunnel-visioned when deep in the process, then when they land the job they find themselves asking – “What’s next?”

Open up your mind by spending some time pondering on these questions:

  • “Where do you want to grow within the company?”
  • “What’s really the most important thing you want to be learning and growing?”
  • “How do you find a mentor that is going to help you continue to develop and grow?”

Thinking and reflecting about these questions are relevant for you to know how to successfully land the job of your dreams AND how to chart the long-term path that will help you navigate your career towards things that are important to you.

Yes, this is beneficial even during the job search process and even if you are unemployed right now. Getting the job is only one piece in building a larger life and career that you’re excited about living. 

Your values and motivations actually influence the path that you create. It is therefore helpful to get clear on what you really want to accomplish in life. 

As always, if you are struggling with this idea and need some help thinking “big picture,” please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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