Career Clarity: Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Career Clarity: Can Help You Live Your Best Life

“A lack of clarity could put the brakes on any journey to success.” ~ Steve Maraboli

Think back to math classes you’ve taken: your teacher gave you a complicated problem on an exam. The expectation was for you to show your complete solution (show your work!) and box your final answer at the end. As you wrote your computations, there are times when you probably doubted your approach, particularly when you were almost at the conclusion of your solution. After turning in the exam, you had nagging thoughts as you wondered if you solved it correctly.  

Many engineers face career decisions in a similar way. You may feel that you are on the right career path because of the compensation that you receive from your job or the environment that you work in. Yet as your career progresses, problems and challenges occasionally arise. You question your solution.

That’s why Career Clarity is so important. When you are clear about your career, you are more sure about your final solution and the path you took to get there, and you can make course corrections as you continue on. 

You are becoming what you want to become, and crafting the life you want to live.

Every person has unique capabilities, talents, and skills. Discover these for yourself! Discover clarity within you, and when you do, you will be surprised that you have no more doubt to box those words “Best Life”.

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