Real Leaders Listen at Work – a Personal Story

Real Leaders Listen at Work – a Personal Story

This week I am sharing a personal journey that truly is ongoing in how I work to expand and develop my listening skills in work settings.

It took a 360 degree survey to help me realize that I was actually terrible at listening and considering others opinions. I thought I had all the right answers and did a lot more directing that collaborating. Classic leadership mistake.

Luckily, my team helped hold me accountable. I committed to them that I would improve, and I continue to look back on that time as a turning point to my personal development of listening skills.

I still struggle. I interrupt people a lot. I sometimes make sure to get my thoughts/opinions in no matter what. So I keep working on it.

I find that when I truly listen to other people, magic can happen. They feel heard, trusted, and appreciated, and I come away with insights I wouldn’t have otherwise.

How do you develop listening skills at work? Comment below or send me an email at

Next week I’ll share a personal story of the impact of listening at home, a place many of us are spending more time at these days.

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