If You Are a Leader Who is Tired of Losing Your Best People, Read This…

If You Are a Leader Who is Tired of Losing Your Best People, Read This…

It happens all too often… 

You have a star member of your team who has become a lynchpin to success and your projections of success and innovation.

They are helping to grow others around them. They are raising the quality and speed of work. They get excited about challenges and how they can overcome them.

Then, another company swoops in and offers them a huge pay increase or growth opportunity and they are gone. Just like that. 

Now you have to rebuild.

What can you do? Here are a few ideas:

Ask Them What Matters Most

For those team members that you REALLY do not want to lose, you want to make sure you understand what they really value about their work life. 

Is it pay?

Is it time off?

Is it growth opportunities?

Do whatever you can in your power to craft their work in a way that they get excited about. I recognize you can’t change everything and give them everything that they want, but it’s important that they see you are working to help them grow.

Enhance Your Culture

Often it is the environment that they work in that makes or breaks success. 

How is your company/team culture? 

Do people feel supported?

Do they have the resources they need to be successful? 

Do they feel connected to each other or isolated and alone?

Consider the team and culture together to protect unity and productivity, and keep people wanting to stay because they love the environment.

Get Creative

I get it – resources are limited. You can’t promise or deliver the world. 

With limited resources, you need to get creative about how you build an effective team. 

But make no mistake, strong relationships are powerful. Anything you can do to help forge and cultivate relationships in your team, that will make it harder for someone to want to leave and start all over. 


What questions/ideas do you have!

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