Creating and LIVING A Mission and Vision Statement

Creating and LIVING A Mission and Vision Statement

“A visionary company is one which is seen growing in a consistent pattern by being goal oriented driven by a vision and a mission.” – Henrietta Newton Martin

Have you ever thought about how a company’s mission or vision was created? If you are a member of an organization, do you know what the vision or mission of your company is? Is it something that really excites you? Does it help you look forward to each day trying to emulate it?

In order for a company’s mission/vision statement to mean something and become effective, it needs to come alive in each person in the organization. Everyone who belongs to the organization needs to work in the same direction. You can’t have people working against each other! All must be aligned in goal setting and creating plans to achieve the mission of the team and organization.

Yet this is often a challenge. Almost everyone I talk to sees incongruence in a company’s stated mission and what is actually happening. That is actually pretty easy to recognize.

So what can you do about it?

First, make sure you know what the mission, vision, and values of your organization are.

Second, look at your goals, priorities, and responsibilities, and see how they impact or influence the mission of the company.

Third, have a conversation with your leaders and anyone that you lead to make sure that you and they are aligned to these higher-level objectives – make adjustments as needed.

If you do this, you will live and work more in alignment with a greater purpose in your organization. It won’t be just about getting tasks done anymore. It will be about leading and creating a new future – and you’re a part of it!

If you are struggling with believing in your organization’s mission, or aren’t sure how to align yourself appropriately, please reach out! I’d love to help!

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