How to Cure the Monday Morning Blues in an Unexpected Way

How to Cure the Monday Morning Blues in an Unexpected Way

“Until you take ownership for your life, you will always be chasing happiness.” ~Sean Stephenson

Do you dread going to work every week? Every Day?

Depression, anxiety, and burnout from work is real. The “Monday Blues” are no fun for anyone.

If that’s the case for you, that could be the job and your environment that you have allowed yourself to be in.

But let’s flip the script – what can you change? How do you feel about the people you work with? Can you take personal responsibility for the choices you’ve made to put you where you are?

You’re much more likely to invite better behavior out of others and be a change creator if you lead with more positive attitudes and mindsets.

Inside of you, you have the power to make the change. You can change yourself, which will change your environment. If that means getting a new work situation – great. If you can make change where you’re at, that’s great too.

But as long as you accept that things are just happening to you rather than take charge of what you can do, things will probably stay the same. Learn more by watching the video below!

How will you make a decision to tackle your week a bit differently?

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