Get More Job Interviews by Changing How You Network

Get More Job Interviews by Changing How You Network

“Slow down and make building relationships as important as building projects.” – Greg Mortenson

If you are trying to find a new career opportunity, sometimes getting job interviews can be a difficult task, let alone landing the job.

There are times that you will receive no answer from your applications, delayed responses, or even quick rejections. “If someone would just give me the chance to talk to them…” you might say, “they would see what I can do.”

And yet, you might still find yourself simply taking the “Spray and Pray” approach – applying to many jobs and hoping for the best. If that strategy hasn’t worked yet, it probably won’t in the future either. 

Instead, what you can do is genuinely connect with people inside companies and industries who are doing things that interest you. If you want to talk to people, ask for conversations! Set up simple informational interviews – ask them what they love about their jobs and what skills they developed in order to be where they are now. At this point, you are already establishing a relationship and growing a network that can be much more helpful than one more application.

One key to these conversations is to be curious. Creating meaningful conversations and developing relationships could be the key to your success in your career transition. Don’t hesitate in doing so since there are people willing to help you succeed and who are interested in your growth and development.

Ask for conversations, connect with people, and see where those relationships take you! Likely to more job interviews!

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