How an Open Mindset Can Help You Succeed in Career and in Life

How an Open Mindset Can Help You Succeed in Career and in Life

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dy“An open-minded person sees life without boundaries, whereas a closed-minded person can only see what’s beyond their eyes.” – Anonymous

Do you consider yourself someone who is open to feedback and willing to accept and receive ideas that are contrary to your own? The ability to have an open mindset is crucial in various aspects of our lives, including personal and professional relationships. In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of having an open mindset, how it differs from a closed mindset, and some practical steps to cultivate an open mindset.

Closed vs Open Mindset

A closed mindset refers to a person who is unreceptive to opposing ideas. They tend to overestimate how open-minded they actually are and struggle to listen to and understand other viewpoints. This often leads to low collaboration, hindering the flow of communication and collaboration.

Not what we’re looking for!

On the other hand, someone with an open mindset is willing to honestly consider the views of others. They are curious and able to see things through the eyes of others, considering their viewpoints and perspectives. They are typically more interested in listening than speaking.

Why Is Having An Open Mindset Important?

Having an open mindset increases our ability to collaborate and deliver more results with the people we work with. It helps us to build better relationships and live better lives. It also helps us to approach situations with more empathy and understanding, enabling us to resolve conflicts and problems more effectively.

Think about it – do you enjoy being friends or working with people who don’t want to consider your ideas or input? Probably not.

So the principle goes both ways – your relationships and collaboration will thank you for truly valuing the input and insights from others.

How To Cultivate An Open Mindset

One way to cultivate an open mindset is to get curious. Ask for differing opinions other than your own, and try to see the different ideas and perspectives of others. 

Another useful technique is to practice the “Yes, and…” approach, building upon the ideas of others instead of shutting them down with “Yes, but…” or “no.” This is especially fun to use in brainstorming activities!

You can also challenge yourself to read and watch news sources that you typically do not agree with. Doing this with an open mind can help you gain a different perspective and understand why others may believe what they do. 

Finally, journaling about times when you have learned and benefited from taking an alternative point of view or perspective can help you remember the importance of having an open mindset. It’s hard to beat some reflective journaling!

In short, having an open mindset is critical in our personal and professional relationships. It allows us to collaborate and connect better with others, and approach situations with more empathy and understanding. By taking the steps mentioned above, you can start cultivating an open mindset and experience the benefits it brings.

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