Personal Branding Tips For Engineers Who Want Career Success

Personal Branding Tips For Engineers Who Want Career Success

“Everyone has a personal brand by design or by default” ~ Lida Citroen

For some, the thought of “personal branding” might seem cringe worthy. But personal branding in the context of career development isn’t the same as creating a brand you can market for. No need for Super Bowl commercials here.

But as the quote above suggests, you have a personal brand whether you like it or not – so wouldn’t you rather have one you like?

That’s the subject for today!

Personal Branding

Put simply, your personal brand is the way you present yourself to others and therefore what they perceive about you. You want others to evaluate you on your expertise, experience, and personality. It can be a combination of what others already know about you, the impression they make of you based on what they learn about you online or through your personal network, what others say about you, how your in-person interactions go, and more.

In the end, they make up their mind about who they think you actually are.

Your task is to help guide them to understanding more of the truth about who you are, and how that can perhaps benefit them (especially in a career context).

Benefits of Personal Branding

You can use your personal branding to set yourself apart from others. A great personal brand can help to increase your job opportunities, build your professional reputation, and enhance self-confidence.

It comes down to this – you want to be able to quickly and clearly communicate who you are, what you do, the value you add, and how that connects to what people are trying to accomplish in various contexts.

If you’re writing your LinkedIn profile or resume, what do you want to highlight? If you’re in a networking conversation, how do you introduce yourself? If you’re in an interview, how do you tell your story? 

In all of these cases, being clear on your personal brand and what you want to communicate to others can help you increase chances of success.

Shining Your Personal Brand

So spend some time making your personal brand shine! Decide now – what do you want others to know about you? What are the top skills you want to highlight? What makes you different?

Then find ways to weave those into conversations, profiles, and more.

Test out your ability to communicate your personal brand. Be aware of what seems to resonate with others and what doesn’t. 

But through it all, don’t try to be something you’re not. Make sure what you share with others is authentic and truthful. You don’t want to be someone who creates a whole persona that doesn’t even exist.

So be yourself, just the best version of yourself!

If you are trying to build your personal brand and grow in your career, I am happy to connect and see how I can help. Reach out and let’s talk soon!

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