How Communication Skills Can Propel Your Engineering Career Forward – Podcast interview with Farnoosh Brock

How Communication Skills Can Propel Your Engineering Career Forward – Podcast interview with Farnoosh Brock

“When you view discomfort as a natural part of growth and take small steps each day, you’ll find that it opens up new possibilities for you.” – Farnoosh Brock

In this episode, I interviewed with Farnoosh Brock and we talked about the importance of leadership and engineering communication skills. She emphasizes the need for engineers to close the gap between technical and leadership skills to advance in their careers. Farnoosh highlights the significance of confidence and voice in effective communication and leadership. She also discusses the role of mindset in professional development and provides strategies for building confidence and improving communication skills. Farnoosh encourages engineers to have conversations on issues they avoid taking action on and improve their skills.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About How Communication Skills Can Propel Your Engineering Career Forward:

  • Engineers initially rely on intelligence and hard work, but to excel in advanced roles, connecting beyond the technical is crucial. Mastering communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and confidence is essential for lasting success and impactful contributions.
  • Understanding the importance of good leadership and communication skills is important. If there was a time you felt not appreciated after not getting a promised promotion and found it hard to respond without causing issues, then getting better at these skills is a must. Being able to handle these conversations well is key to staying motivated and making sure your career moves forward successfully.
  • Engineers, whether in technical or management roles, need strong leadership skills. Executives often seek confidence in communication from engineers at higher levels. It’s crucial to build confidence in both speaking and writing, especially for introverted engineers. In essence, honing confidence and voice mastery is foundational for engineers to boost their leadership skills significantly.
  • When tackling mindset challenges, watch out for absolute terms like “I never” or “I always,” which indicate a fixed mindset limiting opportunities. Instead, adopt a curiosity mindset using phrases like “I wonder” and “I’m curious about.” This shift encourages openness to possibilities, making you more at ease, taking calculated risks, and creating opportunities for success. It’s a way to break free from self-imposed limitations and unlock your true potential.
  • To communicate better, begin with a clear summary, avoid assuming shared knowledge, and test your approach with non-tech individuals. Boost confidence by practicing presentations regularly in different settings, building assurance with each action.
  • To improve your leadership and communication skills quickly, look at your company’s internal resources like leadership programs and retreats. Advocating for participation aligns with company support, potentially boosting performance reviews and career advancement. Focus on areas like emotional intelligence within these internal resources for effective skill development. Starting with accessible internal options is a practical and impactful way to enhance your skills.

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