Finding Patterns in Chaos: How To Navigate Change in Your Engineering Career – Podcast interview with Laura Berman Fortgang

Finding Patterns in Chaos: How To Navigate Change in Your Engineering Career – Podcast interview with Laura Berman Fortgang

“Chaos is the great time to seek opportunities in leadership because most people look for someone to hold onto who has a path to move forward” ~ Laura Berman Fortgang

In this episode, I interviewed Laura Berman Fortgang, career analyst, executive coach, author, and professional speaker from New Jersey about how businesses and individuals can thrive during uncertain times and navigate change.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About How to Navigate Change:

  • People like to feel that they have control over their lives. When dealing with uncertainty, we have a feeling of having less control. Look for something that you can regain control over in your life. Focus on something small, like what you have for lunch that day. Having something to rely on helps you to navigate change and chaos when everything seems to be going crazy around you.
  • Change is difficult for people because of its uncertain nature. We get attached to our identity, which makes change more difficult because you do not know what identity could be waiting for you on the other side.
  • To see patterns in chaos, you need to have a bird’s-eye view of the situation. You need to get yourself out of the chaos to see where the correct path of moving forward is, or if there is a pattern emerging in the chaos. You need a certain amount of detachment to successfully do this, and you need to be invested in the solution and not in the chaos.
  • To know if you can be a bigger-picture person, think of how you react in a bad situation. Are you the person who takes charge, freezes, or waits for help to come from elsewhere? A bigger-picture person is more likely to be someone who can take charge in these situations.
  • Chaos is a great time to seek opportunity because most people freeze or see how the chaos plays out. The best way to navigate through the chaos is to keep moving forward. It is the time where leadership will be a great opportunity because people will be looking for someone to follow. You need to keep calm and take calculated risks to be successful during a time of chaos.
  • When working with technically driven people, generalizations and observations are needed to help see the patterns. Questions need to be asked to get a higher yield — and not only to get background information. It is a good way to help introverted people be more involved and outspoken.

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