IT Career Energizer: Episode 298

IT Career Energizer: Episode 298

In this episode, I was a guest of I.T. Career Energizer where Phil and I talked about the importance of increasing your awareness, why we can sometimes overvalue career stability & much more.

Show Notes

Worst Career Moment

After making a career switch I realized that technical software development was not for me. However, I was able to take on other responsibilities which I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t taken that job.

Career Highlight

Working with my first client and seeing their transformation and growth. Seeing how many challenges he overcame and receiving multiple job offers was an honor.

The Future

Technology is going to define so much of growth in industry and economically. But also social problems that can be solved through technological opportunities. For me, it’s about the people behind the technology making the tools and utilizing Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and other technologies to solve problems.

The Reveal

          What first attracted you to a career in I.T.? – It was the opportunity to learn something new. I wanted to learn about Software Development, Agile, and Automation.

          What is the best career advice you’ve ever received? – Truth is a gift. Don’t be scared to tell people the truth.

          What is the worst career advice you’ve ever received? – Stick around and stay with something that feels stable and secure. Sometimes we overvalue stability which can limit our growth opportunities.

           If you had to begin your career again in today’s world, what would you do? – I’d spend more time learning about Data Science.

           What career objectives are you currently focusing on? – Working on the impact and development of my coaching practice.

          What’s the number one non-technical skill that has helped you in your career so far? – Being able to communicate and to be able to see and understand different perspectives.

          What do you do to keep your own career energized? – Finding new things to learn and grow.

          What do you do in your spare time away from technology? – Spending time with family and playing sports.

2 Top Career Tips

1) Increase your self-awareness. You can gain greater awareness through mindset development, enabling you to react and respond positively in different situations.

2) Don’t try to do everything alone. Get help from other people and build relationships.

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