Masters of Technology – Podcast Interview with Rafat Sarosh

Masters of Technology – Podcast Interview with Rafat Sarosh

“Leadership is a skill, and you can learn it too” – Jeff Perry, Leadership and Career Coach

In this podcast, I am a guest of Masters of Technology where I was interviewed by Rafat Sarosh. I answered questions about how a Leadership and Career coach can help you succeed in your career.

Here are a few of the questions that were asked:

1. Who needs a Leadership and career coach?

2. What self-test I can run to realize that I need a career coach?

3. What is the difference between an executive coach and a leadership coach.

4. What are the attributes of a good leader?

5. How a career coach help. What is the modus operandi? How it works, do you shadow them in the work environment? Or just weekly 1:1 etc?

6. What do you mean by executive presence?

7. If you can share, at least in approximate term how much your services cost.

8. Favorite books

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