Mentorship: Why All Engineers Need to Have a Mentor – Podcast interview with Dagna Bieda

Mentorship: Why All Engineers Need to Have a Mentor – Podcast interview with Dagna Bieda

“Something that vlogs and courses cannot give you is feedback. But it is something that a mentor can do for your in your success” – Dagna Bieda

In this episode, I interviewed Dagna Bieda, a software engineer turned career coach, and we talked about mentorship in engineering, why it is important for all engineers to have a mentor, and how you can be a great mentee too.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed in This Episode:

  • There are many things you can do on your own in your career. But having a mentor who provides feedback to help you grow is of tremendous value.
  • The way people think is usually one of the biggest obstacles they have. They must change their perspective to realize why they are stuck in one place.
  • Having a mentor can be a complete game-changer for your career. Having people with more experience around you can help you grow faster. Ask your mentors questions, listen to their feedback, and then execute according to the feedback you received.
  • A mentor will share their knowledge and experience with you. They will give you constructive feedback that you need to hear to grow. A mentor will help you validate your skills and increase your confidence levels. Mentors who work with you can increase your visibility across the company that you work for by advocating for you.
  • A mentee must be coachable. Having a mentor will not work for you if you ask for guidance and then not do what they tell you to do. A mentee must ask for feedback from their mentors by asking specific questions at their next meeting. It creates a safe space for the mentor to share their advice with you.
  • A good mentor will believe in you before you believe in yourself. They will help you to see that the next step in your career is a possibility for you.
  • A mentor is an ear that will listen and a friendly soul who will push you in the right direction, but you must be able to receive their feedback and put it into action.

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