Enabling Outside Voices To Focus on Identifying Your North Star – Podcast interview with Ramzi Marjaba

Enabling Outside Voices To Focus on Identifying Your North Star – Podcast interview with Ramzi Marjaba

In this podcast, I am a guest on We The Sales Engineers Podcast with host, Ramzi Marjaba where we talked about how and why I became a coach, the reason most people don’t feel fulfilled in their careers, what we can do to change this, how to become more intentional in your career choices, and how to find out if sales engineering or SE leadership might be right for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Talks about The Great Resignation and why this became a widespread phenomenon last 2021
  • Individuals started trying to figure out what’s really most important to them in their careers instead of just accepting whatever was given to them
  • How can one be intentional about their career choices or find out if sales engineering is right for them?
  • Why intentionality and getting career clarity are so important
  • Ramzi and I did an exercise in figuring out Ramzi’s North Star 
  • What excited Ramzi about being an SE coach or SE leader
  • Why leaving a legacy or leaving a mark in the world matters to Ramzi
  • A tool I use when coaching individuals in trying to find the root cause of an issue: The Five Whys
  • How can someone who can’t afford to invest in a coach still get the benefits of career clarity or coaching?
  • Ramzi asks: We have an idea of what we want to achieve or what we want to do. How do we get there?
  • Career transition is not as easy or simple as updating your resume and sending out a bunch of applications, it does take work 
  • Talks about designing your work life and how to apply the idea of iteration and prototypes to our careers 
  • What it was like when making a macro move from an engineer to now a business owner
  • How long it took me to go from someone who doesn’t listen to becoming qualified as a good listener
  • Overcoming the challenge of having too much work to do but very little time to think about all the work we need to do

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