Unlocking Your Genius Zone – Podcast interview with Liam Leonard

Unlocking Your Genius Zone – Podcast interview with Liam Leonard

“A huge believer in personal development and investment in ourselves can have some huge payoffs, especially an entrepreneur and a business owner.” ~ Jeff Pery, MBA

In this podcast, Liam Leonard is the host of the Prosperity Perspective podcast where we talked about investing and unlocking your genius zone. Tune in to our discussion on categorizing your investments into worthy areas, preparing adequately for financial disaster, and aligning where you put your money with your personal values.

3 Key Takeaways:

  •   Why you should consider investing in your own company before other ventures
  •   The benefits of diversified markets on your investment plan
  •   The reward of causing genuine transformation in other people

Show Notes:

[3:30] How Jeff Perry approaches how he invests his profits

  •   [4:40] Personal investment in the business
  •   [5:30] Investment in technology that furthers your business
  •   [6:15] Setting up additional safe funds
  •   [6:47] Long-term investment choices
  •   [7:58] Not investing in anything that would make the business lose everything

[8:19] Jeff’s philosophy on setting up emergency funds

  •   [8:35] Preparing 6 months out

[9:33] Determining where to put your money after categorizing your investment areas

  •   [10:29] Building a solid investment foundation while adapting to constant income changes
  •   [11:35] Aligning where you put your money in the future with your values and morals

[11:50] Stable personal investments according to Jeff Perry

  •   [12:17] Permanent life insurance
  •   [13:04] Investing in a diversified market with mutual funds

[13:29] What Jeff is most excited about putting profitability into, currently

  •   [13:45] Educational courses and technology
  •   [14:20] Assuring the company messaging and structure are the right fit for Jeff/his clients

[15:10] What gets Jeff most excited

  •   [15:50] When Jeff can see genuine transformation in people
  •   [16:53] Jeff’s experience using his program to benefit a client on the verge of retirement
  •   [18:53] One of the coolest gifts Jeff has ever received

[19:35] Jeff’s one piece of advice for listeners

  •   [20:10] Don’t forget that the easiest thing to invest in is your business

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