How a Young Professionals Group Can Shape Your Engineering Future – Panel Interview Episode

How a Young Professionals Group Can Shape Your Engineering Future – Panel Interview Episode

“Seize leadership and growth opportunities through active involvement. Lead, develop, and innovate for a successful engineering journey.” – Curt Grassm P.E.

In this episode, we talked with Lisa Nourse, Talent Acquisition Manager; Hannah Newhard, P.E., PTOE, Traffic Engineer; Nicholas Teach, Transportation Engineer; and Curt Grass, Senior Engineer, about the impact and role of the Young Professionals Group (YPG) at Stanley Consultants, exploring its influence on the development and success of young professionals in the engineering field.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About How a Young Professionals Group Can Shape Your Engineering Future:

  • Stanly Consultants is unique in recruiting with a special internship program. Each intern gets a personal mentor, plus there are lunch and learns, exposure to different managers, and final presentations to share experiences.
  • The Young Professionals Group at Stanley Consultants consists of the company’s younger members, aiming to enhance retention and engagement. Focused on career development and education initiatives, the group works toward creating a better working experience for young members at Stanley.
  • At Stanley Consultants, the Young Professionals Group is structured around four pillars. Development and mentoring focus on education for young professionals, covering various topics. Technology and innovation encourage innovative thinking and address company issues. Network engagement promotes social and professional connections across offices.
  • Since 2018, the group has evolved positively, working with Pillars and leaders to enhance the overall experience. They revamped recruiting, engaging younger members, and redesigning career fairs. Successful initiatives formed early connections with interns, while the network engagement pillar played a key role in reconnecting people through office activities amid challenges like COVID, shaping a vibrant office culture.
  • Stanly Consultants won the Campus Forward Award for the second year, recognizing their dedication to innovative talent acquisition. The award highlights their commitment to excellence, attracting diverse top-tier talent. Their focus on diversity and inclusive partnerships with universities enhances internship programs, contributing to their ongoing success.
  • The mentorship program, part of the development and mentoring pillar, has proven impactful. Pairing young professionals with mentors from diverse disciplines, such as traffic engineering and environmental science, it provides valuable cross-disciplinary insights, contributing significantly to professional development.
  • Nick stumbled upon the young member group during a visiting member’s office visit in 2018. Seeking career feedback and mentorship, he found it to be an ideal space for growth. Volunteering for leadership roles, Nick served as YP chair and is excited about the group’s progress and opportunities for young professionals as new leaders take over.
  • Ensuring knowledge continuity is key at Stanley Consultants. The company focuses on passing on lessons to newcomers, pairing them with various professionals for a comprehensive understanding. This not only benefits new professionals but also serves as a legacy for senior engineers, creating a special relationship where both learn from each other. This commitment to knowledge transfer has contributed to Stanley’s sustainability and ongoing success for over 110 years.
  • Participating in programs like these offers young engineers opportunities to lead, develop new ideas, and connect with senior leaders. It builds essential skills like communication and agenda-setting, not just benefiting the company but also making a broader impact in the community. This early involvement provides a jump-start in developing skills crucial for future leadership roles in professional organizations and other companies.

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