Can You Create the “One Resume to Rule Them All?”

Can You Create the “One Resume to Rule Them All?”

“You are not your resume, you are your work.” – Seth Godin

In the classic story of the Lord of the Rings, there are many rings of power in the mythical world, but One Ring stands alone. “One Ring to Rule Them All.” 

If you’ve been in the midst of a career transition, perhaps you have thought that there was ONE thing that could unlock the opportunities for you – a resume to rule them all. Yet consider – a resume is just one small piece in the whole process of your career transition. Don’t just depend on one file that showcases your work experience.

Besides your resume, there are also other aspects that you should consider such as your experience, your network, and what you do best which is unique among the rest.

Think beyond the resume. There’s so much more to think about. It can be your personal branding, the preparations you make before you go to a job interview, and actions you take to network and connect with influential people.

Making a career transition can be challenging, but if you do the right things in the right order then you will be able to make this big step in your career.

I’d be more than happy to help you out on this career transition of yours and be able to make that big step in your career. To do so, you need to also take a “big picture” approach to career work. Let me know!

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