See People as People – The Simple Yet Difficult Mindset Adjustment to Impact Change

See People as People – The Simple Yet Difficult Mindset Adjustment to Impact Change

“Seeing people as people rather than as objects enables better thinking because such thinking is done in response to the truth: others really are people and not objects.” ~ The Arbinger Institute, The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves

Many engineers and professionals that I talk to care a lot about the impact they have in their work. Will it make lives better? Does the company they work for promote social values they believe in? What is the overall societal impact of the work?

This is great! It’s fabulous to desire impact beyond the paycheck and to work on something that provides meaning in our lives.

Yet sometimes we may be looking beyond the mark in the impact that we make. Does it really have to be just about the products/services we work on? What about the small impacts we make on those we work with, live with, and interact with on a daily basis.

What if we could actually change the world just by changing our own mindset?

I believe we can, if we embrace an Outward Mindset, as taught by the Arbinger Institute.

When we can truly see people as people, not as objects in our lives, then suddenly we treat them differently. We care more about learning about others’ challenges, hopes, fears, and dreams. We are no longer only focused on our own cares and desires.

Think about what would happen if even just a few of us shifted in this way. The good news is, an Outward Mindset invites an Outward Mindset in other people. It would spread, and the ripple effect would be vast.

Sometimes it can be a great thing to think about products we work on that can impact the millions. Yet perhaps your greatest impact will be in the lives of the people closest to you that you are able to connect within new ways simply because you shift how you see them.

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