Show Me the Numbers! Quantifying Your Impact

Show Me the Numbers! Quantifying Your Impact

All players, coaches, and viewers put a lot of focus on one particular thing whenever there is a sports game going on. The scoreboard!

Now, what is on the scoreboard? Numbers!

Numbers are symbols. You can identify who’s winning or losing. Often you see other data like time, fouls, timeouts, and more. Because of the data you have, you can create and adjust your strategy.

So many job seekers are falling into the same routine where they only put on their resume or LinkedIn profile what their actions and responsibilities were from their previous employers. While this information is okay, it doesn’t help recruiters to understand the true impact of their work and the value they can bring to a new organization.

To fix this, Show Me the Numbers! What recruiters and hiring managers want to know is the result that you can deliver or the value that you bring to the company. Providing them some numbers and quantitative examples will lead them to think about what value you can deliver to their company.

Quantifying your impact whether it be on your resume, LinkedIn profile, or even during job interviews can communicate your value. It shows that you don’t just do your job, but you deliver results and exceed expectations. That’s the kind of person they want to hire!

By doing so, you can win the game of your career!

See more in the video below!

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