The Three Key Elements of a Great Engineering LinkedIn Profile

The Three Key Elements of a Great Engineering LinkedIn Profile

A good first impression can work wonders. – J. K. Rowling

One of the most popular quotes is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But what could be the real reason why authors are using catchy covers? 

The answer is that they want to catch your attention. And if you read the title and look at the book, they were successful, right? You get attracted to know more, and you develop the desire to open it so you can discover what’s inside that book.

When we talk about LinkedIn profiles, it is incredibly important to use the equivalent of Catchy Covers. By doing so, you get more people to locate you, recruiters to search for you, and connections to easily find you.

Here are the three main features to help give your LinkedIn profile a Catchy Cover:

  1.   Main photo – Professional, clean and smiling photos are the best! The more you invest your time in taking the right picture, the more it brings you a good impression and better results.
  2.   Background photo – Don’t just use the default background photo provided by LinkedIn. There are a lot of websites that give free pictures that you can utilize. Make sure that your background photo is related to the industry you work in or are seeking to get into.
  3.   Headline – By default, LinkedIn puts your current job role, but you can customize this! Use industry-specific-keywords. Your goal is to stand out in searches of recruiters who might be looking for you and your specific skills.

This may sound simple, but small changes can make a huge difference. Please don’t neglect these three simple things!

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