Transformational Leadership Part 3

Transformational Leadership Part 3

“Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others.” ~John Maxwell

How do you create an environment and culture that truly inspires those around you? Is it possible to instill belief and motivation in those you lead, so they believe in themselves?

Yes, and this is what inspirational motivation is all about, the third pillar of transformational leadership.

Contrast an inspiring leader who focuses on casting a purpose and vision for the organization that motivates others to a leader that is simply reactive to outside forces. These leaders that focus solely on efficiency and goals are transactional, not transformational. They care more about meeting a goal than what that goal means to employees, customers, and the world.

This may sound a lot like idealized influence that we talked about last week, and that’s because they are related. Inspirational motivation is about creating the vision of what is possible, and idealized influence is setting the example and embodying that as a leader. 

Are your goals inspiring? Do you know how you and your team truly impact customers and stakeholders?

If not, consider how you can reach for and clarify a higher purpose for your work. Connect that purpose and vision at every level of the organization, division, team, and even down to the individual. When people see that their work has meaning, they feel more inspired and motivated to do their best.

How can you inspire others more effectively?

See more in the video below!

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