To Grow Your Technical Team, Trust and Delegate More

To Grow Your Technical Team, Trust and Delegate More

Some new technical leaders often make the mistake of holding their own teams back. They can’t grow and scale their teams.


Because they can’t bring themselves to trust others with the technical details and delegate critical tasks. They have built their careers on being the subject matter expert, and now they have to give the big work to others? Forget about it! Giving up that control is just too much to ask.

Don’t let this be you! It can be detrimental to team development.

While you may be able to do things faster and better than anyone else on the team (right now), how else will they learn and grow if you don’t let them try? How do you expect people to get better if they are left with low-level tasks?

Focus on developing people by giving them big responsibilities and allowing them to make mistakes.

Your team can’t grow until you learn to trust and delegate more – so give it a try and see what happens!

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