This is WHY I Do What I Do – Transformation

This is WHY I Do What I Do – Transformation

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


This one-word question can spark inspiration, anxiety, and confusion. It can also produce profound answers.

A critical step to finding fulfillment in our life and work is to know why we do what we do. If we start to feel stagnant in our careers if what we currently do doesn’t bring any purpose to ourselves, and if we feel stuck in a rut, then it is time to stop and reevaluate why we really do what we do.

I’ve had to learn this the hard way at times, trying to push through a difficult task or challenge without knowing the reason I was doing it in the first place. I lost motivation, drive, and desire to press forward. I was uninspired.

In the work I do now, however, I’ve found my “Why?” I know the reasons behind this work.

It’s about being a part of a transformation in those that I work with.

It’s about so much more than a career upgrade or transition. It’s about changing who we are, believing in ourselves, and seeing a future of possibilities!

Each person I am blessed to work with puts in the hard work and makes those changes. I get to be along for the ride and have a front-row seat to the process.

It truly is an honor and a privilege.

If you are struggling with knowing what your own purpose is, now is the perfect time to put in some work to discover your “Why?” and to set goals and plans to reach what you’ve always wanted to achieve in your career and life.

If you need some help and guidance, let’s talk – it would be an opportunity for me to fulfill my own purpose.

Find Your Why!

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