Win the Job Interview By Helping the Company Be Successful

Win the Job Interview By Helping the Company Be Successful

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, What’s in it for me?” – Brian Tracy

I’ve shared this idea many times – if there is a job opening, then there is a problem that needs to be solved.

With this in mind, as you are preparing for your job interview, it’s important to remember that it is NOT all about YOU. You need to seek to deeply understand what the company, the team, the hiring manager, etc. are trying to accomplish and become part of the solution.

Why do they have the job opening in the first place? They need help! How can you help? How can you help THEM succeed? Approach the interview not trying to prove how amazing you are, but seeking to help them see that you can help them improve. That may seem like the same thing, but it’s not.

During your interview, truly focus on the people in the room or on the phone call. Ask yourself, what are the things that they really care about? What are some achievements and skills that you can contribute to the company? What are things that they need to hear from you?

Do everything you can to help them understand who you are and how you can help them be successful. As Steve Harvey quotes, “The more people you help become successful, the more successful you become.”

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