You have SO Much More Value Than You Realize

You have SO Much More Value Than You Realize

“People have value, help them see it. I truly believe that it’s part of my calling in life to help people see the value that they have that they might not be able to see inside of themselves.” – Jeff Perry, MBA

That short sentence is a statement that I came up with when I was an MBA student at the University of Washington. During a leadership class, we had to come up with a personal value statement.

It wasn’t easy for me. I brainstormed and thought about it for weeks. I wasn’t satisfied with what I was coming up with. Yet after a lot of introspection, consideration, and asking my peers and friends and family, I came up with that statement which I’ve held on to ever since.

You have SO MUCH more value than you realize. I believe this 100%! It is also a force behind what I do as a leadership and career coach for engineers and technology professionals.

You are more than what you believe in who you are. Your capability as a human being is limitless.

So right now, if you are struggling within yourself, in your own mind, and in your heart to believe that you truly have value to give to yourself, to your employer, to your family, and community, I have some suggestions that perhaps might help.

  • Start doubting that belief.
  • Consider what your life would look like if you truly believed more in yourself.
  • Ask for help! Talk to a friend, a family member, or someone who deeply cares about you. You can consider getting a coach or mentor that can really help you all throughout the process. Sometimes we need to lean on others who believe in us when we have a hard time believing in ourselves.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. I’d love to be part of your team and talk to you if you are having a hard time seeing your value. I have resources, courses, and services that have been transformational for others. Unlock your value, and start to soar!

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