How Getting Career Clarity Can Accelerate Career Success for Engineers

How Getting Career Clarity Can Accelerate Career Success for Engineers

“It’s a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal.” – Steve Maraboli

Many people feel stuck or frustrated with the progress of their careers. They want to grow and feel a sense of progress in their lives, but they aren’t sure what to do next.

One of the things I often suggest, which is also a critical factor in setting up a solid career foundation, is “find career clarity.” 

What does this even mean and how do you find it? That’s what I’m sharing today!

What is Career Clarity?

Put simply, career clarity is about deciding what is most important to you. Once you are clear on that, you can use that as your “guiding light” as you press forward with your career. You can also consider these things a filter for you as you consider different paths.

When making decisions in your career, you can lean on those decisions that you have already made and act accordingly. This can help you decide if a company or role will be a good fit for you, what industry you want to work in, whether you should get more education or training, and more.

What Career Clarity is NOT

One misconception about career clarity is that you have to figure out a step-by-step plan for the next 10-20 years of your career. Who can do that, especially when engineering and technology changes so rapidly, and things you will be working on in 10 years likely don’t even exist right now? 

No, don’t think you have to have every single step along the way decided on today. You can let things evolve, but at least get clear on a general direction that allows you to narrow your focus and plan for growth now and in the future.

Career Clarity Accelerates Your Engineering Career

Getting clear on what you want and the person you are working to become increases your ability to be successful in your career. You are more likely to stay focused on things that are important and take more intentional steps toward growth and development rather than just letting your career happen to you.

Getting career clarity is hard work, but it’s work worth doing.

If you are struggling with finding clarity in your career, I would love to help you uncover your goals and chart a path to making them a reality!

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Accelerate Your Career

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