Are You Building a Life and Career That Excites You?

Are You Building a Life and Career That Excites You?

“Your life should be a story you are excited to tell.” – Adam Braun

Have you ever asked yourself something like – “Am I building a life and a career that I’m truly excited about?”

I did a few years ago. I was in a position where I was making good money and had grown in my career, but things had changed and I was no longer in a position where I was happy and fulfilled. This wasn’t the first time I had felt that way either.

It’s not just me – there are a lot of engineers and tech professionals who are also facing this kind of difficulty. Certainly, you may think you are on the right career path because your salary is good or the company seems very stable, Yet, perhaps, you may still have doubts and thoughts that something is lacking and needs to change.

In order to help you to build a meaningful life and career, I’d love to share a book called How Will You Measure Your Life? Written by Clayton Christensen and a couple of coauthors, it shares how we can find happiness and fulfillment in our lives and our careers. It teaches us that measurement of success is not simply about the money you have but also your impact on other people, building meaningful relationships, and living a life of integrity.

When you start to integrate things that you love to do, things you are good at, and also to identify what values and purposes you may want to accomplish in life, that’s when you can see ways to adjust things as you design your future. From there, you can think of what could be your next steps as you take this path and what strategies you should implement so you can get where you want to go.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I really want?
  • Where can I deliver great impact and do great work?
  • What changes do I need to make to reach these goals?
  • And perhaps, what do I feel I am on this earth to do/accomplish?

The results and changes likely won’t be immediate even if you answer these questions, but if you can start today, then you can start the process. If you start today, you can get to your “someday.”

As you do these things, you will uncover some of the most precious things you want to achieve and become, and you’ll be more motivated than ever to achieve it.

If you are asking yourself these questions and trying to figure out a way forward, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I’d love to talk and see where I can help!

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