This is the Best Kept Secret in Career Networking

This is the Best Kept Secret in Career Networking

Networking is a critical skill to grow your career, and there is one activity that I think can help you improve your career networking more than just about anything else.

Informational Interviews!

Have you ever had an informational interview? Do you even know what an informational interview is?

If not, you have some work to do. I’m a HUGE believer in the power of informational interviews to turn contacts into conversations, and conversations into opportunities.

These interviews can be the start of true professional relationships.

They aren’t hard to organize or conduct, but you do need to be bold enough to ask for them and prepare well to make the most of these opportunities.

If you do it right, the people you talk to can become mentors or offer more help in referring you to job opportunities or other professionals you should connect with. Some of my most trusted professional friends and business associates have become so by originally asking for a simple introductory conversation. Now we work together and collaborate on things frequently!

Especially if you are on the job hunt, try and have a few of these interviews each week – I promise it’s time better spent than searching job boards.

Watch the video below for more insights into the power of informational interviews!

Share any experiences you’ve had with informational interviews!

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