Informational Interviews – The Networking Secret Weapon

Informational Interviews – The Networking Secret Weapon

The best information about a company or organization comes from people that are already working there.

So how do you connect with them? Informational interviews.

It really is the “secret weapon” of networking. You get to have a no-pressure, informal conversation with someone who can provide insights you need. Insights on the company, industry, and sometimes even job opportunities. They can connect you with other people who are influential, and help you navigate red tape.

Why do they do this? Because you ask and they like to help people. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

And these initial conversations can turn into so much more. I’ve seen them develop mentoring relationships and life-long friendships.

You just have to ask for 20 minutes of someone’s time. If they say yes, make sure to be prepared to make the most of that time.

You never know where those conversations will go, so if you haven’t had an informational interview in a while, try it this week!

See more in the video below!

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