Job Interview Preparation Success Techniques

Job Interview Preparation Success Techniques

“Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.” – James Baker

You have spent SO much time looking on job boards, updating your resume, building your best LinkedIn profile, networking, and more. Finally, the email comes – you receive an invitation for an actual job interview. Very exciting! But what now?

One of the many problems I notice when it comes to job interviews is that people don’t actually prepare enough. Scanning the company website, looking them up on LinkedIn, or reviewing the job post may not be enough.

So I wanted to give you a few ideas to really prepare for your job interviews:

  • Consider the people involved in the job interview – You need to know what roles they have and what perspective they are going to be bringing. Each person has a different reason why they are needing the new employee to be successful, and you need to understand that.
  • Know the purpose of the job role – If there is a job opening, then there is a problem that needs to be solved. Be the solution! Do all in your power to help them see that you can solve their problem. Bring forward examples of related skills and experiences where you have solved similar issues.
  • Prepare every needful thing – Compile your portfolio, ready your achievements, prepare in advance what they might ask, and even prepare what you can ask. Doing so will give you that confidence that you are ready for any possibility during the interview.

Engineers are known for having a strong attention to detail. Preparing for your job interviews is a way to apply that trait!

Job interview opportunities, especially for “dream” roles, don’t come every day. Make them count!

Prepare well, do your best, and accept the outcome!

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