Don’t Let Negotiations Scare You – Embrace the Opportunity

Don’t Let Negotiations Scare You – Embrace the Opportunity

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky 

A friend once shared with me what his wife experienced when it comes to negotiations. Fresh out of another job and looking for better opportunities elsewhere, she applied to 15-20 job openings, and out of that number, one company called her for interviews which she gratefully passed until she was offered the job.

Yet at first, she hesitated to take the offer because she felt like she was being short-changed. A second offer was given and she still hesitated because she clearly knew what she could contribute to the company. Subsequently, the recruiter increased the offer and she finally accepted the job.

What I learned from her experience is that if we know our value and what can contribute to an organization, then it will be easier for us to counter the job offers being presented to us and negotiate appropriately. Negotiating is a two-way street — you must also let the recruiter know what you think you deserve (at the right time of course).

Do not simply settle with what is being offered to you. Know your value! Your worth is more than what people may think about. Taking that step could be frightening at first but embrace it. Embrace the opportunity to negotiate your salary. Asking for an increase in your salary may sound demanding, but it is also a way to freely express that you can do more for the organization.

Just do it. Try it. Ask about it. You will not lose anything in bringing up possibilities and in negotiating professionally. As you take action, you may be surprised by the results!

One day, you will look back and be proud that you brought it up, and even if you don’t get everything you want, you’ll look back with no regrets.

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