Practice This Before Your Annual Review – Podcast interview with Luis Duque

Practice This Before Your Annual Review – Podcast interview with Luis Duque

“One of the biggest things that any sort of review or reflection brings to us is awareness. ” – Jeff Perry, MBA

In this podcast, I was a guest of Engineering our Future hosted by Luis Duque and we talked about what you should do before your annual review.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why a Review Process is Important in Your Career and Life
  • What Your Personal Review Process May Look Like
  • Jeff’s Personal Review Process You Can Emulate and Adapt
  • The Two Different Types of Goals: Habit vs. Achievement
  • One Personal Progress Review Tool You Didn’t Know About
  • Focusing on the “Gap” vs. Focusing on the “Gains” — And Why it Matters
  • Why the Key to Goal-Setting is not the Goals, But the Systems and the Growth
  • What Young Engineers Should Know About Corporate Performance Reviews
  • How Corporate Performance Reviews are Different for Those in Leadership Roles
  • Why a Performance Review Should Also Analyze the Performance of the Company
  • The Importance of More Frequent Check-ins With Employees
  • Why You Should Make Your Career Goals Within the Company Evident
  • The Power of Mentors Both Inside and Outside Your Company
  • The Difference Between a Mentor and a Coach
  • Tools to Get Mentorship and Career Coaching — Including One You’re Overlooking
  • A Resource With the Right Questions to Ask a Mentor
  • What You Need to Help You With the Career Change You’ve Been Eyeing
  • The Habit of Reading Books — And Jeff’s 2021 Favorites

Resources Mentioned

Engineering Our Future #26 – Jeff Perry
Engineering Our Future #14 – Fernando Ceballos
The Gap and The Gain – Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy
Atomic Habits – James Clear
How Will You Measure Your Life – Clayton M. Christensen
The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton M. Christensen
Designing Your Work Life – Dave Evans and Bill Burnett
Strategic Coach
John Maxwell Leadership Podcast
ASCE Mentor Match
The Engineering Career Coach – Engineering Management Institute

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