Building a Strong Engineering Culture – Podcast interview with Anand Safi

Building a Strong Engineering Culture – Podcast interview with Anand Safi

“When trying to establish an engineering culture at your firm, having a simple conversation with your managers and peers can act as a building block to something bigger over time.” – Anand Safi

In this episode, I interviewed Anand Safi, a senior engineering leader at Mark43 and we talked about the importance of building a strong engineering culture and how engineering leaders can help with developing organizational culture at their firms.

Here Are Some of the Key Points Discussed About Building a Strong Engineering Culture:

  • Engineering culture refers to a group of shared values and beliefs that determine how you will act or respond to situations as an engineering organization.
  • Beliefs can be seen as opinions that people form and that can be changed, whereas values are the guiding principle that you will stay true to what is right no matter what the beliefs are or the opinions of others.
  • When building an engineering culture, it is important to include the entire team’s values and goals into your engineering culture. Once you have established those values, you should make them visible to everyone in your team and celebrate those values.
  • A subtle aspect of mentorship that people often overlook is that it creates a sense of trust with your mentor and provides opportunities for employees to grow in their careers. Mentorship also helps you to refocus on empathy and core values within an organization.
  • Each individual leader needs to lead by example and adhere to the values of a company. This will not only set an example but also help to retract and retrain talent in your organization.

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